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Many of the following articles include step by step how-to videos.  

Windscreen replacement? - If you can get the A-pillar bolts on your car with the dash in, skip to Windscreen intro.

These are large videos and will take some time to watch my hope is they will save you time in the end.

Process for removing the dash in preparation to replace the windshield (or repair or recover it).  I do these videos in one take without script or pay just to help you in your projects, so they're not perfect but I hope you find them helpful.   

Videos are very large and That’s not all - There of poor quality

But I think the content could be helpful.  I intend to re-shoot the windshield videos the next time I do one.

If the video does not start quickly: get tea

I call em like I see em

Lessons Learned file

* Balancer seal:  Installs into the back side of the timing cover.  Put the cover and gasket on the motor with all the bolts quite loose.  Put the balancer on the crankshaft to center the seal over balancer.  Now snug down all the bolts not covered by the balancer, remove the balancer and torque the cover normally.  Otherwise the seal will only rub on one side and you'll have to carry cardboard in your trunk.

* Oil Pan Gasket:  Don't trust the paper gasket along on this one.  I use a sealer called great stuff now along with the gasket.  If you wet your finger with a little oil and rub it along the bottom of the block first you will be able to get it off easier next time.

Simple engine hanger won’t scratch paint - Good Rope & Knots - The trick is to get the rear loop loose enough to have it hang in the correct angle.

Full Power Geekdom - Link to the best presentation of control technology, I have ever seen!  

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