Paint Quote

1975 MGB 

Undercarriage and wheel wells are cleaned up and painted.

Fundamentally rust free car and what little was found has been cleaned up and sealed.

A small amount of body work is needed mostly on the hood, trunk lid and RF fender.

I will paint the engine compartment, interior and trunk prior to transfer.  I have the suspension on so it can be steered and a brake in now.

Work requested:

Handle all body work.  Under coat front fenders, top coat underside of trunk and hood, and do all the jambs.  Prep exterior and paint color sand and buff as needed.

This is a no rush job and should be quoted as a daily driver that turns heads and looks quite good, but I do not need concourse quality.  My biggest concern is that the paint bond and cure correctly so it lasts a while in the sun.

To be painted in PPG O-So-Orange 3ct 908414 base 908414/2 top.  

Depending on the time line I my have the engine and drivetrain in to make it move on it's own power.   I'll leave off everything else prior to paint.

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